Matt is going on a journey, by accident and maybe by design

He’s getting caught up in things and having thoughts awaken in him. He’s thinking about a different way and meeting new people. Meet them with him.

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3 issues in, Insurrection is an experience of anarchism told across 5 issues (and 1 prologue) written and drawn by me, Russell Stearman. It is a study of an alternative, an exploration into different ideas and ideals. It is also the story of Matt.

Fitting in somewhere between continental adventure comics, Joseph Conrad styled character study and radical political ideologies, it is a thought provoking series about someone being exposed to and involved in different anarchist ideals. Set in contemporary Britain it plays out in our current landscape of austerity and cut-backs, which rubs up against privatization as questioned by the Occupy movement. The characters deal with big city alienation and a desire to find and re-connect with each other and the world around us.

Insurrection is published on a semi-regular basis and I’ll post updates about my progress and anything else that takes my fancy on this site. You can buy copies of the comic here and here. I’m not planning to publish it in a digital format because I conceived of the comic as a printed thing and have taken a lot of care to craft in the just-short-of-A4 format which is the UK standard for comics. Please buy a copy! I try and keep the price down so it’s about £2.50 an issue. It’s also available in a smattering of comic shops across the country and I try and get out to various conventions too.

6 Responses to Matt is going on a journey, by accident and maybe by design

  1. Stephen W Smith says:


    I really enjoyed the read of both the prologue and first full edition, I also fully appreciate the amount of energy you have put into the production. Please let me know when No 2 is printed and I will purchase a copy.
    Eagerly waiting.

  2. Peter Birch says:

    Thanks for the comic. my mate runs Page 45 in Notts and spotted your thing and put to one side for me. Right up me street. Nice one

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