Issue #2 is here!

Yes! Issue #2 is now available! It’s been a long slog to get this issue ready, which has many life changing events for me (babies house-moving etc.) but undeterred Insurrection has always stayed with me and has once again borne fruit!

issue_2_coverWe pick up the story of Matt – a changed Matt – and follow a tale of his normal life, but can Matt continue to live that life. Has his experience at the protest and after changed him for ever?

This issue is dear to my heart as it’s directly influenced by my time living in London and its highs and lows. This issue has a cadence to it, the rhythm of a busy life, but one being interrupted and questioned.



It’s also the longest issue so far and comes with the usual soundtrack suggestions and commentaries. You can buy it from the store here, or via the Comicsy store here.

For those who have missed the previous issues, you can also buy a special bundle deal of the others here.

I live in Sheffield, if you’re nearby and would like to avoid postage charges, drop me a message and we’ll sort something out.

I hope you enjoy the issue and I’m already at work on the issue #3!







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2 Responses to Issue #2 is here!

  1. Tom says:

    Wow, finally. I thought maybe life had beaten your comic ambitions out of you and we’d never see Issue #2.
    I had intended to come to Sheffield already by now but still haven’t. I’ll definitely pick up my copy though when I do so save one for me.
    By the way, your store STILL describes the combo pack as Issues 1&2 when it should be 0&1. I thought you’d notice it yourself eventually but since Issue 2 actually exists now, I think you’d better change it.

    • russstearman says:

      Hi Tom, I’m persistent if anything, and will continue the idea, I’ve just had an interesting year of house, baby and job changes. I’ll keep one in reserve for you, let me know if/when you do come up and will meet up!

      I’ll correct the store now!

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